How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend Without Breaking His Heart

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By , October 31, 2014 2:28 am

Are you tired of your guy but don’t know how to move on without breaking his heart? This article is for you then. It will tell you how to break up with your boyfriend.

First of all, you should send your boyfriend signals ahead of time. Don’t just drop it on him all of a sudden. Ask him questions like “Are you sure you want to be together?” and “Do you find other girls attractive?” Let him know that there are other girls who would be happy to date him even if you are no longer available for him.

Point out when girls flirt with him. If you know someone who seems to have a crush on him, let him know. Tell him that he’s the kind of guy that any girl would be lucky to have as a boyfriend. Basically, start preparing him for the world after you.

The next step in how to break up with your boyfriend is to find a time and place to do it. There are places that are really bad. For instance, never break up when one of you is driving a car. That could be dangerous!

Also, don’t break up with him after some “dramatic event.” For instance, don’t give him the excuse that he was dancing with another girl at a party. Don’t make it seem like it is his fault. That’s because he will think that if he fixes what you are mad about, he will get you back. You want to let him know that your decision is well though out, that it is about what you want for your life, and that it is really over.

You have to consider his personality when you decide where to break up. For instance, do you want a public or private place? If he’s sensitive, a private place may be nicer, but if he’s going to throw a scene, a public place may temper his dramatics. Sometimes, a quiet restaurant where tears or tantrums would be out of place is the best bet.

If you are going to break up at one of your homes, consider which one would be best. If you break up at his place, you will be able to walk away when you’ve said your piece. If you break up at your place, it may be hard to get him to go.

Be prepared to give him all of his stuff back and ask him to give you your things. This is a concrete signal to him that the relationship really is over.

The next step in how to break up with your boyfriend is to cut off all communication for a specified period of time. Don’t call him, send him texts, or make excuses to run into him. And, don’t accept his calls or texts either. Make it clear that you need a period to cool down before you can be friends again.

Don’t fool yourself that by following these steps, a boyfriend who loves you will take the break up easily. But, these things will help him adjust to life after you. That’s how to break up with your boyfriend.

There Are Ways To Lead Her Back Getting Back An Ex-Girlfriend

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By , October 28, 2014 9:35 pm

If you find there’s a certain ex that’s been on your mind a lot lately, don’t give up hope that she won’t one day be yours again. There are a few steps you can take to grabbing her attention and winning her affections once more. As long as you truly desire her, the possibilities are endless.
The first thing you want to do is take some time to think about your relationship with that girl. What went wrong? What drove her away? If you can’t really figure things out, ask some friends what they thought about the relationship. Your friends may also have some advice about getting her back. You always want your first step to be the thinking period. Whenever you identify the problems of the relationship the first time around, you’re free to remedy them this time.
The next thing to do is get to know her better. Learn more about her. Explore her interests. Talk to her if you can. Get onto her brain wave and really try to understand the things she enjoys. It will tell you a lot about her, including the kind of man she wants you to be. This step may take a while, but if you really want her, it’s worth the time invested.
The 3rd thing is to change. Things didn’t work out with you two the way they were before, assuming you were yourself. So why try the same thing expecting different results? You should n ever fashion yourself against your own will. Make sure that everything that you’re doing is what you want to do. The things you are changing are making you better. If you conform to a niche that you don’t understand or even like, you are doomed for another failed relationship.
If you want to win her back without having to drastically alter yourself, it could be as easy as finding her type of “bad boy.” Every girl has the perfect dream man. Then she has his evil twin. If you can’t be Mr. Nice, then maybe you should be the more devilish fantasy.
One thing you can count on that will appeal to all women is confidence. No one wants to be stuck on a date with a wallflower. If you are nothing but quiet and dull, most women would lose interest pretty fast. So whether you choose to embrace her perfect dream man, or her slightly darker desires, you must be outspoken. It’s not to say you should talk her ear off, but most girls like men that can hold an intelligent conversation, flatter them, and fluster them all at once. A quick mind is a sexy mind.
The last thing to peak her interest, of course, would be a nice body. This entails whatever body type she prefers. Whether it’s hefty, chiseled, or skinny, every girl has a preference. And even if you like your body as it is, note that personal hygiene never hurts.

Successful Methods In Getting A Guy

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By , October 26, 2014 4:27 pm

There are some very basic methods that you can use when you’re trying to get the guy of your choice attracted to you. Some will help you in getting his attention and the rest of them will help you KEEP it. Then he’ll keep finding you interesting.

First of all, figure out what your strengths are and emphasize them. It may take someone trustworthy to show you what your good points are as well as your less good ones. When you do figure out your strengths, it’s important that you use them the best you can. Remember that you usually only get one shot at making a good impression because men don’t have long attention spans.

Let the beauty of your eyes, hair, and smile come through. Try to be graceful. The fact that you’re a woman needs to show in the way you carry yourself along with your facial expressions. Show off any talents you have and keep negative traits in hiding.

Your social skills are also quite powerful. Captivate your man with your sexiness, playfulness and flirting. Learn to make small talk that will keep everyone around you interested.

Show how unique you are from all other women. This can be done by displaying good taste and putting your best foot forward in all situations. When a man is trying to decide between two women, he’ll pick the classiest one.

What might initially seem to be the perfect match may not be so great after all if the two people have nothing in common. A successful relationship must have common interests and dreams. There needs to be a good balance between talking and listening. Couples on the same wavelength usually bring out the best in each other.

Self-confidence is also attractive to men. This shows that you’ve got the courage to do what’s right and to stand up for what she believes in. The self-confidence that allows you to do that and not care what others think will get you significant attention.

Of course, you’ll also need to do whatever you can to stand out from all the other women. Use all of your best assets to show how great you are. Just don’t do it in fake way. Guys need to see the person you really are. When you’re relaxed, other guys will be relaxed around you. If you’re making guys nervous, it will just drive them away. So when you can help guys feel relaxed with you, they’re also more confident of themselves.
Listen closely to the things your guy talks about and you’ll draw him closer to you. A good listener is something else that men appreciate in a woman. If you can make a man feel that he’s the only person you see in the room, he’ll be wrapped around your little finger. When you find the right techniques, you’ll get any guy that you want. It’s just a matter of being exciting while also being caring and supportive. You’ll have the relationship of your dreams.

Dating Mistakes Men Make

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By , October 24, 2014 11:07 am

Dating can, and should be, a lot of fun, and most of the time things go pretty well on a date. However, there are a few mistakes that men just can’t seem to help making when entering the dating game. Following are some of the more important ones that you’re going to want to avoid:
Making negative first impressions: You may think there’s nothing you can do about this but you couldn’t be more wrong. The main rule of thumb here is to be yourself. Dress nicely and behave respectfully to her, of course, but don’t pretend to be something you’re not. That doesn’t give off naturalness and she’ll know you’re trying to fool her.
Don’t go too fast: If you’re using a first date with someone as a way to have sex, you’ll most likely be sorely disappointed. Any meaningful relationship isn’t going to be built on one date and instant sex. Not only that, if you push too hard, she’ll never want to see you again.
Leave the past in the past: If the girl you’re on a date with spent a significant amount of time talking to you about her past relationships while on a date with YOU, you’d probably be pretty unhappy about it. You also most likely wouldn’t want to see her again. Keep that in mind if you’re tempted to bore her to death with tales of your past horrible exes.
Stay sober: This is particularly true on your first date. You simply don’t need to be drinking too much while on a date. It won’t go over so well if you throw up on her shoes, pass out, or get pulled over for drunk driving.
Focus on your date: When you’re out with a woman, it’s highly recommended that you focus only on her instead of gawking at the Amazon blonde with the Playboy Centerfold body that just entered the room. Chances are you’ll be spending the rest of the date alone.
Don’t make assumptions about her likes and dislikes: This means that you let her order her own food at the restaurant unless she asks you to do it. Find out what sort of music she likes rather than getting concert tickets that YOU like and she hates. You get the picture.
Avoid sarcasm: While most women appreciate a good sense of humor, they really don’t like sarcasm. Dry humor is also considered funny but making these sarcastic comments constantly throughout the date, you’ll find that she’s going to stop laughing at some point and that’s when you’re done.
It’s rude to keep your phone on during the date: If you’re expecting a phone call that’s so important that you need to keep your phone on during your date, then you need to reschedule your date. Nothing is ruder than answering your phone in the middle of a date.
Insecurity: Women prefer confident men; not those that are terrified that women won’t like them. It’s just too icky.
Don’t be possessive or controlling: Women hate being controlled and they don’t like possessive men, either. If you start telling her what she can and cannot do, she’ll most likely tell you goodbye.
Avoid these severe dating stumbling blocks and you’ll have hope for greater dates.

Dating Someone With An Addiction

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By , October 22, 2014 6:21 am

Sadly, a significant portion of the world’s population has an addiction of sorts. This can be various drugs or alcohol. It can even be something that’s not a chemical, such as a sexual or gambling addiction. There are many of these addictions that can be hidden until you get to know the person much better. In fact, this is the main problem when you get involved with someone that has an addiction. Many of them aren’t immediately evident so you think you’re getting a real catch until the symptoms start exhibiting themselves.
When you’re already in love with someone by the time you realize that he has an issue, it’s more difficult to withdraw from the relationship. Unless the person becomes hurtful and abusive, it may be almost impossible to find the strength to leave a situation that’s not the best for you. Of course, everything is different if your partner is willing and determined to seek the help he needs in order to kick his addiction. In that case, it makes all kinds of sense to stick it out with your partner to provide the much needed support that can, sometimes, help facilitate the treatment.
On the other hand, if your partner doesn’t acknowledge that he has a problem, let alone agree to seek treatment for it, you may need to make a difficult decision. It’s harmful to you if you stay in a situation of this type with no hope for it to improve. No matter how much you may love someone, if he has an addiction and refuses to admit it and seek help for it, you’ll only drag yourself down, too, if you decide to remain. Should you decide to leave, there’s no need to feel guilty because you’ll leave knowing that you did all you could do.
Now, in the event that the signs of an addiction were evident from the first meeting you had with this person, and you still allowed yourself to become involved with him, then shame on you! Why would you do something like that to yourself? This is definitely a “What were you thinking?” moment. It’s one thing to have the situation sneak up on you. It’s an entirely different one to go into it with your eyes wide open.
Now, if you’re in a relationship with someone that’s showing some definite signs of a serious addiction, all you can really do is try to convince him to get the help that he probably so desperately needs. In the meantime, you can also do something for yourself. There are some support groups formed specifically for the loved ones of people with addictions. Examples of these are Al-Anon and Nar-Anon. If you’ve made the decision to stay in this relationship, it’s vital that you contact a support group that can help you deal with the situation.
If you decide that you need to leave the relationship, do so when you’ll feel less threatened or less prone to being manipulated. You can help someone you love only so much. Then you must take care of yourself.

Its Me Or The Dog

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By , October 20, 2014 1:42 am

How many times have you heard the phrase “It’s me or the dog?” Most of the time it’s said in a joking manner, but there are those occasions that when these words are uttered, they’re totally serious. It may not be such a big deal unless it’s someone that you’re hoping to have a romantic relationship. Seriously, you can say “Ok, bye” to your friend, your brother, sister or even a parent. But when it comes to someone that you’re attracted to and want to go further with, it’s a lot more difficult to just wave goodbye.
Obviously, if you’ve got a pet, then you love animals. This is a very good quality in you. People that love animals are generally very good people. Taking that into consideration, turn that thinking in another direction. What does the fact that your person of interest doesn’t like animals say about him? Doesn’t it make you feel as if you should be looking at him a bit more closely? If someone has no love for animals, there’s usually a very huge hole within them somewhere.
Take a very close look at this person that seems to hate your pet. How does your pet react around him? Animals are pretty good at picking up on whether or not people like them. If your pet is somewhat hostile to your new friend, there’s probably a reason. However, on the other hand, if this guy keeps claiming that he doesn’t like dogs, for instance, but your dog keeps trying to sit on his lap and lick his face, chances are that this guy is trying to sell you a bill of goods. In this instance, the more time that your dog and your man spend together, they will most likely become fast friends before you know it.
You also have to consider that if your man is telling you that he LOVES dogs but all your dog wants to do is bite him and growl at him, you need to consider that he just might be lying to you. Also, if he’s lying to you about that, then what else might he be lying to you about? Your dog could be protecting you from getting involved with a less than savory character.
In the end, though, you’re the only one that can decide if you want to throw over your loyal pet in favor of a new guy that may or may not work out. Before you make the rash choice to take your once beloved pet to the pound, consider what a great companion he has been to you. He’s probably outlasted several boyfriends already, and he just might have outlasted this one, too. Think it all through very carefully because there are not guarantees that this guy is going to be “the one.” Even if he does have potential, just how much could you possibly have in common with someone that isn’t going to allow you to have a pet if you’re going to be with him? Don’t be shocked if he brings home a pet snake one day. That’s when you’ll know that you probably should have kept your dog.

Dont Depend On Someone Else To Make You Happy

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By , October 17, 2014 8:37 pm

Too many people these days depend on whether or not they’re in a relationship to decide if they’re happy or not. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make for both yourself and the future of your relationship. You’ll find out rather quickly that if you rely on the actions of your partner to “make” you happy that your emotions will stay in constant movement much like riding a roller coaster.

Couples in successful relationships understand this concept. They don’t depend on each other for their own personal happiness. Instead, each of them do things that they enjoy and makes them happy independently of each other. This is the key to true personal happiness. Do what you like and get involved in things that make you feel good and energetic. Don’t expect your partner to figure out how to keep you happy. That never works out.

Granted, if you and your partner aren’t happy being together, or one of you has done something to damage the relationship, it’s no surprise that you’ll feel unhappy about this. However, it’s the event that’s made you sad or angry, not your partner. Your partner isn’t a mind reader and cannot tell exactly what they need to be doing at all times so that you’ll never be unhappy. That’s not realistic and people that hook up with someone just because they believe this is what will give them the happiness that they’ve been missing out on will be sorely disappointed.
Couples that are independently happy typically end up making each other happy as partners. Neither of them has anything to prove and simply don’t spend a lot of time sitting around questioning whether or not they’ve making their partner happy. They just enjoy feeling happy and let things take their natural course. That’s the way to keep your relationship moving in the right direction.

Someone that’s so emotional that they take every little comment their partner makes to heart is never going to be completely happy. These are the people that are continuously waiting for their partner to notice things such as a new hairstyle or outfit. When the partner doesn’t immediately acknowledge the change, it’s blown all out of proportion. Give your partner time to assess the new you and make the appropriate comments.

Stop assuming things regarding your partner. Even though both of you have a lot in common, you’re not always going to move totally in synch with each other. Give your partner room to breathe and accept it when they grant you the same. It’s healthy to lead a life outside of the relationship as long as it’s not interfering with the core of the relationship. You’re the only one that can make you happy. Sure, you can say that you’re happy to be with someone, or even that your partner makes you happy. However, what that doesn’t mean is that you’re totally depending on your partner to keep the happiness alive within you. Make yourself happy and the rest will all fall right into place.

Where To Spend The Holidays

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By , October 15, 2014 3:28 pm

A long standing argument between many couples is the one that comes up every time there’s a special holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. This is the debate about where the couple will be spending the holidays. It can get to be a pretty serious holiday spoiler if both partners have living relatives that they’re close to. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare every year, though.
For couples with their parents living in the same city or town, it’s not THAT big of an issue. You simply split up your day or, in the case of Christmas, two days. Christmas Eve can be spent at the home of one set of parents and Christmas Day can be spent at the other set’s home. The next year you can reverse it. Another way to handle this is to split up the day by spending the morning at one house and the evening at the other house. When you work things out with everyone ahead of time, this is usually a great way to handle it.
If you’ve got one set of parents living in one location and the other set living in another one, that can be a little more difficult. In this event, you’ll need to probably spend Thanksgiving in one place and Christmas with the other parents. Then you can reverse things the next year.
Of course, one way to deal with this issue may be to simply host the holidays at YOUR home. In that way, everyone can be happy because all of you will be together in the same place for the holidays. Now, there can be a few things that will throw a monkey wrench into things. Maybe the in-laws don’t get along with each other or with you. One of the parents may not be healthy enough to travel and that can be a problem. That would mean that you and your partner would have to travel to them at least once during the year.
The main thing is that you and your partner can work out something that will amenable to everyone. People don’t always work together, though. For instance, your partner’s mother may not like you and will refuse to give in gracefully as to sharing the holidays. There’s not a lot you can do in that situation other than let your partner handle her. Hopefully, he’ll have both of your best interests at heart when he does so.
There may be instances where you and your partner will need to spend the holidays apart in order to spend them with parents and other family members. It’s not the ideal situation since couples should be able to spend the holidays together whether their parents are a part of the celebration or not. The thing to remember is that this is something that everyone must cooperate on or people end up being upset and angry. Sadly, sharing and cooperation are things that even parents need to be taught. If this is part of your situation, don’t hesitate to explain the word “fairness.” It can be your Christmas gift to them.

Restoring Trust In Relationships Getting Your Ex Back After An Affair

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By , October 13, 2014 10:36 am

How do you get your ex back even after you’ve cheated? Some people claim that an affair should always end a relationship. But I disagree. I believe that every relationship is savable if both parties really want to work on it. This article is about restoring trust in relationships.

Restoring trust in relationships requires an adjustment in attitude and actions. Even after an affair, it is possible to save a relationship. But that starts with ramping up the level of trust within the couple.

If you have had an affair, you have had an attitude which allowed you to stray. There may be something at the relationship’s core that is diseased. But you can heal the disease.

What was it that you were looking for when you strayed? Was the sex humdrum? Was she too busy for you? Was she just not spending enough time on her grooming?

You wouldn’t have had an affair if the primary relationship was perfect. So, what needs to be done to fix it? Often that lies in self analysis. But just as often, that lies in the couple’s relationship.

Restoring trust in relationships means fixing the underlying problems. Sometimes that means going into couples counseling.

But just understanding our thoughts isn’t enough. The next step is to take concrete action in fixing the problems.

The secret to restoring trust in relationships lies not in talking about the right things, but in doing the right things.

One of the biggest things you can do is to make small promises and keep them. If you promise to take the trash out every evening, do it. And, do it consistently. When you demonstrate that you can be trusted in the small things, a gradual sense of confidence will be realized in the larger picture of the relationship.

Your girlfriend or wife is going to need constant reassurance that you have changed. This means that you are going to need to apologize more than once over time. You will also need to treat the recurring comments about the violation of trust as a matter of course. It is not easy for her to forgive the breach. If you want to stay with her, you will be patient with her.

This does not mean that you must feel guilty about the indiscretion forever. In fact, if you allow her to constantly guilt trip you, she will not be satisfied in the new relationship you are building. Just be understanding.

Finally, you need to put a positive spin on the incident. Treat it as an opportunity for both of you to grow as individuals and for the relationship to mature. Just as a bone grows stronger at the place it has been broken, a relationship can improve after an affair.

Restoring trust in a relationship takes time. It requires that you change both your attitudes and actions. But it is possible to heal the divide and be a stronger couple as a result.

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