There Are Ways To Lead Her Back Getting Back An Ex-Girlfriend

By , October 28, 2014 9:35 pm

If you find there’s a certain ex that’s been on your mind a lot lately, don’t give up hope that she won’t one day be yours again. There are a few steps you can take to grabbing her attention and winning her affections once more. As long as you truly desire her, the possibilities are endless.
The first thing you want to do is take some time to think about your relationship with that girl. What went wrong? What drove her away? If you can’t really figure things out, ask some friends what they thought about the relationship. Your friends may also have some advice about getting her back. You always want your first step to be the thinking period. Whenever you identify the problems of the relationship the first time around, you’re free to remedy them this time.
The next thing to do is get to know her better. Learn more about her. Explore her interests. Talk to her if you can. Get onto her brain wave and really try to understand the things she enjoys. It will tell you a lot about her, including the kind of man she wants you to be. This step may take a while, but if you really want her, it’s worth the time invested.
The 3rd thing is to change. Things didn’t work out with you two the way they were before, assuming you were yourself. So why try the same thing expecting different results? You should n ever fashion yourself against your own will. Make sure that everything that you’re doing is what you want to do. The things you are changing are making you better. If you conform to a niche that you don’t understand or even like, you are doomed for another failed relationship.
If you want to win her back without having to drastically alter yourself, it could be as easy as finding her type of “bad boy.” Every girl has the perfect dream man. Then she has his evil twin. If you can’t be Mr. Nice, then maybe you should be the more devilish fantasy.
One thing you can count on that will appeal to all women is confidence. No one wants to be stuck on a date with a wallflower. If you are nothing but quiet and dull, most women would lose interest pretty fast. So whether you choose to embrace her perfect dream man, or her slightly darker desires, you must be outspoken. It’s not to say you should talk her ear off, but most girls like men that can hold an intelligent conversation, flatter them, and fluster them all at once. A quick mind is a sexy mind.
The last thing to peak her interest, of course, would be a nice body. This entails whatever body type she prefers. Whether it’s hefty, chiseled, or skinny, every girl has a preference. And even if you like your body as it is, note that personal hygiene never hurts.

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