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How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend Without Breaking His Heart

By , October 31, 2014 2:28 am

Are you tired of your guy but don’t know how to move on without breaking his heart? This article is for you then. It will tell you how to break up with your boyfriend.

First of all, you should send your boyfriend signals ahead of time. Don’t just drop it on him all of a sudden. Ask him questions like “Are you sure you want to be together?” and “Do you find other girls attractive?” Let him know that there are other girls who would be happy to date him even if you are no longer available for him.

Point out when girls flirt with him. If you know someone who seems to have a crush on him, let him know. Tell him that he’s the kind of guy that any girl would be lucky to have as a boyfriend. Basically, start preparing him for the world after you.

The next step in how to break up with your boyfriend is to find a time and place to do it. There are places that are really bad. For instance, never break up when one of you is driving a car. That could be dangerous!

Also, don’t break up with him after some “dramatic event.” For instance, don’t give him the excuse that he was dancing with another girl at a party. Don’t make it seem like it is his fault. That’s because he will think that if he fixes what you are mad about, he will get you back. You want to let him know that your decision is well though out, that it is about what you want for your life, and that it is really over.

You have to consider his personality when you decide where to break up. For instance, do you want a public or private place? If he’s sensitive, a private place may be nicer, but if he’s going to throw a scene, a public place may temper his dramatics. Sometimes, a quiet restaurant where tears or tantrums would be out of place is the best bet.

If you are going to break up at one of your homes, consider which one would be best. If you break up at his place, you will be able to walk away when you’ve said your piece. If you break up at your place, it may be hard to get him to go.

Be prepared to give him all of his stuff back and ask him to give you your things. This is a concrete signal to him that the relationship really is over.

The next step in how to break up with your boyfriend is to cut off all communication for a specified period of time. Don’t call him, send him texts, or make excuses to run into him. And, don’t accept his calls or texts either. Make it clear that you need a period to cool down before you can be friends again.

Don’t fool yourself that by following these steps, a boyfriend who loves you will take the break up easily. But, these things will help him adjust to life after you. That’s how to break up with your boyfriend.

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