Reasons To Keep Your Relationship Off Of Facebook

By , November 24, 2014 9:41 am

Too many couples seem to need the excitement of drama and/or the support of others when they’re going through happy times or not so happy times. Other people just need the attention that will come their way when everyone else finds out exciting details of their relationship. When you’re tempted to blab all of the details of your relationship all over Facebook, you should keep in mind that you could actually be putting your relationship in jeopardy.
The main reason for that is the more people, strangers or non-strangers that you allow into your relationship, the less chance there is that it will work out the way you were hoping. Couples should figure out their own issues in their relationships. If they can’t do that on their own, they should see someone professional for help, like a counselor. Someone trained to help couples with their problems stand a better chance of getting them resolved and remaining together.
When you draw in your personal friends as well as Facebook friends that you barely know, your relationship stands a chance of being ruined for all time. These friends only know one side of the story: yours. In addition, since they’re on your friends lists, they’re going to take your side in things. Now, while you may not want to admit or accept it, there is a slight chance that you’re the one in the wrong. However, your friends are going to encourage you into believing that everything happened just as you said it did, and there will be no true resolution because you’re going to continue believing that you did nothing wrong.
The problem here is that, rarely, is the wrong doing on the side of just one partner. Typically, in most situations, both partners have contributed to the argument, breakup, or whatever has gone wrong in the relationship. While your Facebook brings are boosting your side of the story, you can bet that your partner’s friends are boosting his. This only stirs things up and makes the situation much worse than it already was.
Do yourself, your partner and your relationship a favor, and keep your details off of your Facebook page. When you need to straighten something out within your relationship, it should stay between the two of you and not a thousand people that are, for the most part, strangers in your lives. They’re not going to really help fix things.
Your Facebook friends are certainly there to share your joys and triumphs as well as your sorrows and heartaches. However, there will always be some things that you just shouldn’t share where it can be sent all through the universe. Some things should be kept only between you and your partner. They may eventually be shared with others, but there will always be things that will and should remain between you and your partner. That’s part of the fun of being a couple. You can have things just for the two of you that will make your relationship even more intimate. Keep this in mind when you are tempted to broadcast your relationship to all of your Facebook friends.

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