Healing Yourself First

By , January 9, 2015 6:18 pm

The path to enlightenment is long, tedious, and difficult. But once you do get there, you’ll definitely thank your past for making you the way you are now. Admittedly, most of you have yet to realize this before you embark on a serious relationship. You may have a great career going for you, you’re happy with your social life, but there’s still something missing. That one person you care most about seems to drift further away from you each day.

Don’t panic just yet because life is all about self-discovery. You just don’t wake up one day and say you’ve reached your end and that you’ve fulfilled your destiny. Every step is a learning experience, and what stops you from growing as a couple are your inner turmoil and struggles.

Time to Let Go

Let go of all anger and regret because this is what stops you from finding your happiness. Inner peace is all about resolving all your physical, emotional, and psychological issues first. It may sound easy but when you do have a lot of pain, you somehow find yourself holding on to it for fear that bad things could happen once again. Remove all forms of baggage. Your past belongs right there. You can’t undo anything. There’s no time machine to help you correct the mistakes you’ve committed. So why cry over spilt milk? Instead, make sure to mop the mess and look towards the future instead. Get out of your cocoon and embrace the change. Take solace in your friends. Recognize all the good things you have because despite of all the wrong that you did, you do deserve the best.

It’s time to let go of control. There are just some things in life that you can’t dictate, especially when it comes to issues with your partner. This also means that you have to stop comparing yourself to his or her past. Each person is unique and they also do have their own issues to deal with. Work with what you have and though your name won’t go down in history, you know what you’ve done and you’ve also made an impact their lives.

Just remember that if you’re controlling the situation, you’re actually on the losing end. Let things be. As long as you’re working hard to becoming a better, happier person, your relationship will eventually work to your advantage. You may not get what you want all the time, but you have to learn how to adjust. There’s always a backup plan, a way out, which means that you need not fear anything because you’ll always find a solution as long as you give yourself time.

Embrace the Future

Part of letting go of control is realizing that you can only change yourself. Some people will always be keen on putting others down. Let them be because you’ll be setting a good example by healing yourself. Live your life the best way you know how, and as long as the people you care most about support you, then your confidence shines through. More importantly, you should just be happy with the fact that you’re making things better for you and that the true reward comes when you’re happy with yourself. You become more attractive and lovable just by knowing that you’re worth it.

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