Fighting After The Wedding Letdown

By , January 16, 2015 9:41 am

Couples invest so much time in putting their wedding together that it literally consumes their lives from the time the date is set until the pronouncement that they are husband and wife. Then there’s the reception and the opening of gifts. It’s just one thing after another until the last guest has departed and the last of the rose petals have been swept up the after cleaning.
If you’re taking off immediately on a honeymoon trip, the level of excitement is usually still pretty high. You and your new spouse can simply relax after all of the previous stress of planning and getting through the wedding and just enjoy each other. Hopefully, the two of you have planned ahead far enough so that you can afford at least a week long trip to a great location that each of you love.
One reason that a honeymoon is so important is to keep the momentum of the romance and marriage going. For many couples, especially the brides, there’s a feeling of deflation or a letdown following the wedding. This is usually because now all of the excitement is over and it can bring about a sensation of “now there’s nothing to look forward to.” It’s a feeling that can happen to anyone, no matter how much in love they may be.
This is somewhat more common with couples that have been living together because, while they do have the wedding preparations and everything that goes along with that, they tend to return to “real life” more quickly than couples not living together. For those couples, the experience of going to bed together every night and waking up every morning is new and offers more than a few delights that come with married life. The other couples that have been enjoying these delights prior to marriage may need a bit more help in keeping up that flow of excitement.
If you’re worried that you may experience a letdown following the wedding ceremony, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have at least a long weekend to go away somewhere. With the current economy, there are fewer couples now that can afford week long honeymoons in Hawaii or the Bahamas. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find a quaint, romantic little bed and breakfast a couple of hours away from your home. If you make sure to tell them that it’s your honeymoon when you call to make reservations, you’re almost guaranteed to receive special treatment along with extra privacy.
A honeymoon is the perfect way to make the transition from the couple standing at the altar to the married couple at home. Your honeymoon lets you have a bit of breathing room between the two. It also gives you something to look forward to following the wedding. Going straight back to a house that you’ve been living in together for the last two years can make you feel like it’s nothing special that you’ve just got married. However, if you space that out with a romantic getaway, you’ll find the excitement is still there.

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