Distinguishing Toads From Frogs In Internet Dating

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By , February 27, 2015 8:34 am

Once you find the right frog to kiss, he just might turn into the handsome prince that the fairytale talks about. On the other hand, a toad is always a toad and they carry many warts around with them. Thousands of people join dating sites daily and at least half of them are new toads. That’s why the trick is sorting out the toads from the frogs as fast as you can. Of course, it’s not an easy task, but you’ve got to at least try so that you don’t let the toads get close enough to you to grab a kiss. You should also keep in mind that everyone is usually a toad to SOMEONE in the dating world due to individual preferences.
The first way you can tell a toad from a frog is that toads are known for lurking. If some guy keeps looking at your online dating profile but he never tries to communicate with you, most likely he’s a toad. The frogs will either contact you or move on. They won’t keep hanging around to the extent that you feel like you’ve got a stalker.
Another toad tactic is self-contradiction. Take a look at their profiles and look for things that don’t add up. If he claims that he’s a fun loving guy but other things show that he’s got some latent hostility going on, he’s probably a toad. A princely frog will match their words and intentions.
Toads have no respect for your boundaries. So if you come in contact with some guy that wants to move from the phone directly to in person in spite of the fact that you’re not comfortable with that, you’ve found yourself a toad. A frog will care about your comfort and will let you set the pace.
A toad will ask you out in the very first email he sends to you. Toads write just one email and do a cut and paste to all the women he found interesting that day. They don’t care about getting to know you. Frogs will at least ask you a question about yourself to get the conversation started.
Toads get sexual almost immediately. If he starts out by asking you what you like sexually, take off! He doesn’t belong on a respectable dating website. A frog will work into that subject in a much more appropriate time frame.
It’s not possible to completely repel all the warts, but you can certainly keep a lot of them away. You may still end up having to kiss your share toads before finding the frog that will become your prince. However, keep in mind that part of the fun of dating online is driving away the toads. If you have the right kind of online dating profile, the frogs will find you easily enough. In addition, remember that you’ll need to pay close attention to detail as well as using your intuition if you want to land your princely frog.

Coping With The Depression Of Your Boyfriend

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By , February 25, 2015 3:47 am

Many women find themselves in the position of dealing with the depression of their boyfriends. This is often a real surprise to women because they’re usually the ones that are susceptible to depression. Women of child bearing age usually have all sorts of hormonal issues that happen to them. Men not only accept that this happens, but they get used to it. However, men also become depressed and when it strikes your boyfriend, you’ll need to help him deal with it while also taking care of yourself.

The first thing you’ll need to do is try to get him to talk to you. If there’s an obvious reason for his depression, it may help to talk through the cause with you. You might be able to even help him get to the bottom of what’s causing him to feel depressed, which can lead to a recovery.

However, if he’s not interested in talking to you, don’t push the issue. Instead, it will be up to you to try to find someone that he WILL talk to. Don’t feel upset or hurt that he’s shut you out. There will always be times when he’ll need more than you in his life.

Lots of times, helping someone else will have you absorbing lots of negativity, and that includes handling your boyfriend’s depression. You must not forget to take care of yourself as well. Listen, talk and whatever else he may need, but don’t let yourself be sucked into the abyss along with him. Go out with your friends and have some fun whether he goes with you or not. Conduct your life as normally as possible and stay upbeat even though your boyfriend may still be as low as you’ve ever seen him.

There are a few danger signs that will tell you when your boyfriend’s depression has crossed from unhappiness to reason for alarm. These include:

Not eating enough
Sleeping too much
Lack of interest in hygiene or bathing
Staying isolated from everyone
Talking about suicide

If your boyfriend is showing any of these symptoms, it’s time for you to contact a doctor. On the chance that you see all of these symptoms, particularly talking about suicide, you need to get immediate professional help. If this means calling an ambulance, that’s what you need to do. You may want to try contacting any family members that are aware of the situation and won’t mind physically hauling him to the hospital. While he may be upset with you for taking action at the moment, once he’s started recovering, he’ll understand why you did what you did.

It’s difficult to deal with the depression of another person, but it’s particularly hard when it’s someone you love. Most of the time, people can recover from their bouts of depression with the right type of help. However, you should also know that there are a significant number of people that don’t pull out of their despair for whatever reason.
If that turns out to be your boyfriend, it may be that you’ll need to move on from this relationship in order to save yourself. It may sound harsh and uncaring, but when someone refuses to be helped, you can’t allow your life to end and be dragged down with him.

Stop Facebook Stalking Your Ex

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By , February 22, 2015 10:29 pm

With the introduction of such social websites as Facebook and MySpace, it’s become way too easy to keep up with the activities of other people. Granted, a lot of the members know all about how to keep things private and just between themselves and other members. On the other hand, there’s a significant number of people that have no concept of how to keep their pages private, which leaves them open to having anyone that wants to look at what’s going on in their lives. It’s because of this that it’s become so easy for people to stalk their exes and keep up with what they’re doing and who they’re dating.
If you’re someone that’s been Facebook stalking your ex, you need to stop doing that right now. It’s one of the unhealthiest activities that you can engage in. All you’re doing is making yourself even more miserable than you were when the breakup first happened. What good does it really do you to know that he’s dating that girl that you always thought was a slut and you knew was hitting on him while the two of you were together? Does that validate you in some way?
Think about how sad of a person this makes you. Every time you sit down at your computer, you immediately head to Facebook so that you can read his updates and check out his friends list to see if anyone new has been added. You don’t care about current events in the world or even what’s going on in the lives of your best friends and family. Instead, you live for the moment when you can, once again, be on Facebook and monitoring in detail what your ex has been up to.
To begin with, stalking him this way isn’t going to bring him back to you. Knowing who he’s with now also isn’t going to do any positive things for your state of mind. What it does do is make you kind of a scary person, and a good candidate for a restraining order if he ever finds out what you’re doing.
Instead of spending your waking hours stalking your ex in this way, why not do something healthier for yourself. The first thing would be to stay off of your computer until you’re positive that you can resist camping out on your ex’s Facebook page. If needed, get a trusted friend to baby sit your computer so that you can be strong.
Next, get out of the house! Don’t sit home sulking and moping over what your ex may or may not be doing right that very second. Instead, go out with some friends to one of your favorite places. If you’re not ready to date, that’s fine. You don’t have to. Just make it a girls’ night out. The point is that you won’t be at home lurking about on your ex’s Facebook page but rather out and having a good time like a normal person.
Never assume that Facebook stalking your ex is normal behavior. It’s obsessive and something that you need to move past in order to improve your quality of life.


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By , February 20, 2015 5:59 pm

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh has been in the news a lot over the years, and recently he’s reared his ugly head again. His entire premise in life seems to be just how disrespectful he can be to women. It’s obvious that he dislikes them and looks down on them because every time he opens his mouth, something vile against women spews forth. In short, he gives men a really bad name.
Singer Aretha Franklin had it right so many years ago when she sang R-E-S-P-E-C-T. It became an anthem of sorts for women all over the world in 1967. In the song, she sang about how she treated her man right and deserved his respect in the relationship. Oddly enough, this song was written by a man, none other than Otis Redding, who also recorded it in 1965 on the album, Otis Blue. When you really listen to the lyrics, you see that Otis may have truly understood how important respect is in a relationship and he, unlike, Limbaugh, gives men a GOOD name.
All of the above is to preface the fact that, in a relationship, respect for your partner is just as important as love. In fact, if you don’t respect your partner, then you don’t actually love her or him. That’s the sad truth. You can talk all you want about how much you love the person you’re with, but if you aren’t showing any respect for this person, you’re not in love. What you feel is more like ownership or something.
To have a successful relationship, respect is a vital element. This includes respect for the privacy, thoughts, opinions, feelings, and overall person that your partner has and is. If you’re snooping around in his or her things such as a journal or cell phone texts and phone calls, then you’re disrespecting that person. Yes, things are different when you’re part of a couple, but that doesn’t mean that both of you should lose your identity and rights that you have individually. Typically, in relationships, it’s only one person that loses these things to the other partner. Usually, at least one of the partners understands about respect.
Disrespect for your partner can come from many things but, usually, it’s something that you grew up seeing in your childhood home. If your own parents didn’t respect each other, or one of them didn’t respect the other one, you’re probably going to have some issues with that yourself. Keep in mind that disrespect can cause the demise of a relationship, so you may want to not revisit your past if that’s what you were exposed to because it’s harmful and not right.
Relationships need a healthy dose of respect from both partners if it’s going to succeed. Even those couples that stay together in spite of the lack of respect can’t count themselves in successful relationships. They stay together because they don’t really know what else to do.
Disrespect is hurtful and it kills love along with relationships. Someone should pass that along to Rush Limbaugh.

I Lost Love Every Relationship Has A Time Line

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By , February 18, 2015 1:01 pm

When I think about how I lost love, I think about Alfred Lord Tennyson’s quote, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” When I lost love, I felt the whole world had collapsed around me. I’m sharing my story in order to help you if you too have lost the love of your life.

I think it is important to remember that every relationship has a natural lifespan. In Junior High, that’s about four days. As we get older, the lifespan increases. But, there are certain relationships that are right for a period of time and then go awry. Most of us will only have one great love in our lives. The other relationships will terminate. That’s why when I say I lost love, I understand that this is a natural process.

In my case, my girlfriend and I were thinking about ratcheting up our relationship. Her lease was about to end, and she wanted to move into my apartment. As we were spending most of our time there anyway, it made sense from a financial perspective.

But there is something significant about having separate places. I know I lost love because I couldn’t handle her taking our relationship to this level. I guess the time span of our relationship was up because I wasn’t willing to become more committed.

Now, I know I handled the situation badly. I went to a friend’s bachelor party and let’s just say things got out of hand. Word about the wild antics at the party got back to my girlfriend, naturally, and she dumped me. I lost love over the events of one night.

But, when I think back on what really happened, the events of the bachelor party were really a reaction to our discussion of more commitment. I seriously don’t think I would have behaved the way I did if I really wanted her to move in. I lost love because I wasn’t ready for the direction it was taking.

I’m glad I had the chance to be in a relationship with my ex. But I don’t think she was the love of my life, my soul mate. Instead, she was someone with whom I genuinely enjoyed spending time. I loved her. I still love her. But, she is not the person with whom I see spending the rest of my life.

I went through a period of mourning the relationship and analyzing what went wrong. I really was hurt when she said she wanted to end things. Sure, I understood that I had hurt her. But, I didn’t want her to leave my life completely.

I guess what I wanted was for things to continue on the way they were. But, every relationship has to grow or die. Because I wasn’t willing to let it grow, it had to die. In every relationship, there is a time to die. And, for me, this was it. That’s how I lost love.

Spice Up Your Relationship With Role Playing

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By , February 16, 2015 7:33 am

There’s no getting around the fact that after a couple has been together for a long time the sex can become routine and even boring. It doesn’t matter how much you love each other, either. At first, everything is new and exciting, but after a few years of being only with each other, the excitement can start dying down. For some couples, it happens more quickly than for others, but it’s going to happen at some point.
Lots of couples do things such as going on second honeymoons. This allows them to have some quality time together without kids or pets around. They can use this time together to reconnect and remember how it felt in the beginning. Second honeymoons are a great idea except for a couple of things. One is that they cost money whether you’re jetting off to Hawaii or just heading around the corner to the local Days Inn for the weekend. Not everyone has the money or the time to do this. The other problem is that the bloom once again fades from the rose within a very short time of returning to “real life.” That’s why the couples that can manage it plan at least one trip away together each year.
There’s another way to spice things up sexually without having to spend a lot of money or even leave your own home. In addition, it’s something that you can do any time you want. It’s called role playing. You’ve probably heard the term before in some context but may not completely understand how it can factor into saving your relationship.
It’s actually quite simple. Everyone has fantasies when it comes to sex. These are the mind games that really turn a person on and may even be played out mentally when engaging in sex. What you’re doing with role playing is bringing these fantasies out in the open; at least between the two of you. The beginning of this is going to require some honest and open talking between you and your partner because that’s the only way to find out the fantasies each of you has.
Now, the next part is actually lots of fun. You can either surprise your partner or the two of you can plan something together, or mix it up a little. Either way, you’ll be role playing the fantasy that one of you has. Be specific when talking out your fantasies so that you’ll both know what elements are considered vital for it to work.
Keep in mind that this isn’t something you must do every night of the week or even every time you have sex, unless the two of you want that. If your lives are really busy, pencil in that one night a week that belongs only to you, your partner and your fantasies. Be creative when arranging these special nights. Once you get started with it, you’ll find that the spark will leap right back into the physical part of your relationship. Each time will be like the first time all over again.

Win Love Back – 5 Simple Strategies To Win Love Back

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By , February 14, 2015 2:58 am

Love may be a truly fickle emotion, and it may seem to flame out just as quickly and as easily as it was originally ignited, but this does not mean that you cannot win love back after a bad break up. When outside factors like money and work get in the way, stress can be created in a relationship. Following a break up, it may seem impossible for you to win love back, but this is not the case.

Once relationship problems build and the relationship crumbles, learning to win love back does not become impossibility. There are definitely a number of different things that you can do in order to win love back, you simply need to know what to do. It is much, much easier for you to win love back than to find love in the first place. Consider these basic strategies for learning to win love back next time your relationship ends against your will.

– * If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to be honest at all times. Distrust is one of the biggest causes of problems in relationships, meaning that honesty is vitally important in learning to win love back.

– * If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to be dependable. Nothing tends to be more deflating than being with someone who is completely undependable. If you are not dependable, you will never learn to win love back.

– * If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to be encouraging to your lover. Love is all about appreciating one another for who you actually are, and this is vital to learning to win love back. The more encouraging that you are, the more receptive your ex will be when you decide that it is time to win love back.

– * If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to listen. Communication is one of the most vital ingredients in learning to win love back because no relationship can last without communication. Communication is the core of every relationship and also a vital element of learning how you can win love back.

– * If you want to win love back, you need to know how to take the appropriate action. All relationships have both ups and downs for you to contend with. Learning how to take the appropriate actions accordingly is vital to your success in learning how to win love back.

These five simple strategies are really all you need to learn how to win love back. If you have some basic patience and dedication to the cause, you too can win love back following a bad break up. Keep in mind that no matter how bad the break up is, you can fix it if you really, truly want to. These five simple tips will make all the difference.

Ending A Relationship Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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By , February 11, 2015 9:43 pm

Does your to-do list look something like this:

· Walk dog
· Water plants
· Break up with significant other

Okay, while ending a relationship is hardly at the top of anybody’s calendar, the fact is that when a relationship has gone sour, someone has to make the move to end it. The truth is that many relationships last long beyond the “expire by” date just because breaking up is hard to do.

Sometimes a break up happens in dramatic fashion with clothes being thrown out of a second story window.

Other times, the relationship just peters out until someone says “it’s caput.”

How do you go about ending a relationship so that neither party gets hurt?

You need to get clear on why you want to terminate the romance. The immediate reason that jumps into your mind may not be the real reason. Once you get clear, the next step in ending a relationship is to get honest. That means that in your discussion with your partner that you are true to yourself and to them.

Schedule a mutually convenient time for the breakup. In general, it is better to do it in person rather than over the phone, but if distance is an issue in the relationship, you should do it sooner than wait for a time you can get together.

Get into a state of compassion when ending the relationship. If you want to stay friends after the break up, you need to conclude the romantic ties with love and compassion.

Don’t put your partner on the defensive. Talk about the things you’ve learned and the memories you will cherish that have come from your love. Be present during the break up. Your partner may become very emotional during this time. You need to respond to their needs.

Don’t take anything personally when ending a relationship. Your partner may say things they don’t really mean. Let these words roll off of your back.

Your partner may need to meet with you more than once to conclude the relationship. Or, they may need space. Give your ex what they need to get through the transition time.

But don’t let them make you feel guilty. You’re ready to begin a new phase in your life and it will not include a romantic relationship with your ex. It is best if you retain a positive relationship of some sort with them, but if you are ending the relationship for the right reasons, it is best for both of you.

Should you ever consider reconnecting? Does ending a relationship always mean “the end, close the book?”

That is something you have to decide. Virtually all relationships can be saved if certain conditions are met. If you have the time and are willing to make the effort, you can get through this period as an even stronger couple.

However, if you are determined to walk away, it’s best to end a relationship with a clean break and move on.

I Lost Love Dealing With The End Of A Relationship

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By , February 9, 2015 4:43 pm

I always find myself thinking about events where I lost love, and trying to learn from those experiences in order to do better next time, and move on with greater understanding of love than before. There are stages in my life where I am sure that I lost love, and when this happened I truly felt as if my entire life was over. However, each and every time that I lost love in the past, it turns out that I was capable of moving on with time and patience.

I think that we all have to remember that there is a spontaneous lifespan to love just like with every other emotion that we experience. I have found it important to realize this in every event that I lost love in the past. As we get older and more experienced, the lifespan of our relationships and our loves is capable of increasing. Each time that I lost love, I realize the lifespan of the relationship was longer than the last, or the results of the relationship were greater or more meaningful than before.

One of the experiences that you may have is an event where a lost love is destined to be rekindled. Sometimes in events where I lost love, it turned out later that some of these relationships could be brought back to life through dedication and hard work. Rekindling a relationship after I lost love was never simple, but it was often worthwhile in situations where I still cared about the person that I had lost.

Everyone experiences situations where they want to yell “I lost love!”, and these break ups often seem like the end of the world. The truth is, however, that they are not the end of the world, and you will move on. Every time that I lost love, it turns out there was something better waiting for me, and I simply had to be patient and understanding while I waited for it to come along and take me by surprise.

If I wrote relationships off each and every time I lost love, then I would have missed out on a lot of truly wonderful experiences that I am now quite thankful for having. Losing love is often difficult to deal with, but it is well worth getting over and moving on past when you consider the other loves that you will encounter in your lifetime, and the other wonderful relationships that you will have.

Next time you feel like it’s the end of the world because you have lost a loved one to a break up, just remember that there are plenty of other fish in the sea, and many of them are looking for true love just as much as you are. Open yourself up to these relationships and you will truly benefit in the end.

Playing Risky Sex Games

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By , February 7, 2015 11:07 am

In recent years, people have become more cautious about casual sexual encounters. Even those people that tend to engage in one night stands on a regular basis started to be a little more careful in their behavior by doing such things as making sure a condom was part of the encounter. However, as time went on, people stopped being quite as cautious because of the mindset that “It could never happen to me.” Sadly, however, it can, and does, happen when you least expect it.
You don’t have to be a prude when dating these days. Just because you’re being careful also doesn’t mean that you’ve got to take a vow of celibacy. You just have to use some common sense.
One of these is to stay out of risky situations. These include such things as drug and/or alcohol filled parties where you don’t know a lot of people. While raves are usually attended largely by teenage and college age kids, there are many adults that like to pretend that they’re still teenagers. A lot of drugs are mood enhancers and act as aphrodisiacs. When you’re high and horny, you’re not going to be thinking about such things as condoms.
Something else to consider is that the morning after isn’t going to only bring the worry of an unwanted pregnancy. It can also bring the risk of carrying an STD, or sexually transmitted disease. These can be anything from something that won’t ever go away all the way up to deadly. When you have unprotected sex with strangers, you need to understand that you’re literally taking your life into your hands.
There are many little games around now that encourage anonymous sex. This can be exciting and even fun, but it can also be one of the more deadly games that anyone can engage in. People that play these little games don’t have any clue about the person they’re having sex with, and a lot of them don’t even use condoms. For someone with homicidal intentions, this is an ideal situation to spread the most deadly STD of them all.
Just because you shouldn’t participate in these types of sexual games doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a fun and healthy sex life. What you do need to think about, though, is how important your life is and whether or not it’s more important than giving into a risky sexual encounter. If you decide that your type of sex simply has to be kinky and risky, at least consider using some sort of protection against exchanging bodily fluids. It may not be one hundred percent effective at protecting you against an STD, but at least it’s better than nothing.
Finally, when engaging in anonymous sex, consider that you could be putting yourself in a dangerous situation that could turn deadly in a heartbeat. It’s situations like these that are ripe for rapists and serial killers. You certainly don’t want to become a victim of something simply because you wanted a little excitement.

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