Are They Still Interested

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By , July 31, 2015 10:37 pm

It’s so easy to know when you are happy in a relationship. But where does the line begin to blur between getting comfortable with one another and getting bored? Sometimes it’s hard for one person involved to catch the difference. Where you may be content in the relaxed stage of your relationship, your partner could be getting bored without you even noticing.
Don’t let your relationship fall under because your partner has lost interest. If you let it go too long unnoticed, then your partner is likely to lose interest completely. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you do after that breaking point. This just means that you need to catch it early on to prevent them from leaving you in the future.
Now, when people say you need to keep things interesting, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to defy all norms and live on the edge every minute of every day. All it means is that you need to pick up the slack of dropping the flash and passion in the comfort stages. Don’t let yourself go just because you’re confident they won’t leave you. A good way of showing that you still care about yourself and how they think of you is by keeping up appearances. The bait and switch is the least attractive dating tactic. Listen to them when they ask you to keep up with personal hygiene. Do up your hair every now and then, or put on just a little bit of make-up day to day.
The demands of appearance may seem shallow, but that is what initially draws people to each other. If you change your whole look by abandoning the desire to please your significant other or draw them in, they won’t feel as if they are even with the same person they fell for. They’ll feel deceived and trapped. It creates a lot of bitterness and resentment on their behalf because the whole relationship can seem like a lie from simply letting yourself go.
Looks aside, a lot of people also desert the romance when the relationship “dies down.” You can help to bring some of that passion back by simple romantic gestures. If there was anything you used to do, return to it again every now and then. If there’s something that they’ve always wanted to do with you, give it a go. It really helps to keep things interesting by trying new things. Go off of what they liked before and what they’ve been thinking about these days. See if you can mix and match some ideas.
Don’t let your partner slip away from you. It’s not that they don’t love you; it’s just that they feel as though you don’t care about them as much anymore. The best way to show your love is to listen to them, tell them what you want and like, and then compromise. Since the two of you are still together, there is still hope to reignite any dead passion.

A Relationship for a Woman Is A Challange

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By , July 29, 2015 5:33 pm

Trying to have a successful relationship can be a challenge for anyone. There is no one size fits all relationship or relationship advice. There are, however, some relationship woman advice that can help women find, and keep, that great relationship they’ve been looking for.

As odd as it might sound, if you want a good relationship the first person you have to worry about is you. Too many women are looking for the wrong thing and for the wrong reasons.

Everyone wants to feel liked, loved, desired, and respected. That’s a wonderful thing to find. But too many women don’t feel they have any worth unless they are in a romantic relationship, and that’s where the trouble starts.

You see it goes a little like this: a lonely insecure woman who feels desperate for the love of a man will put off ‘desperate vibes’. The only kind of man she is going to attract is an insecure man who needs to control the women in his life so he can feel important. Chances are both will enter into a twisted co-dependent relationship that won’t be satisfying to either one.

That is why it is vital that any woman who is looking for a serious relationship take a long hard, and possibly painful, look at herself. It’s not that she’s not good enough, it’s just that she doesn’t think she’s good enough. Until she realizes her own worth she will continue to attract the wrong type of men, be subject to some level of abuse whether verbal, emotional, or much worse, and will never really get the love she wants and deserves.

And the abuse in this type of situation is virtually guaranteed. You have to understand that a decent secure man will never be attracted to an insecure desperate woman. So that only leaves the kind of men that don’t know any other way than to abuse women.

They may not physically abuse them, and it may not even be real overt, but the abuse will be there. He will constantly be making snide and hurtful comments about her looks, her weight, her cooking, her housekeeping, or her lovemaking… and that is abuse.

Then after suffering from that abuse over a period of time, women will only have lower self esteem and even if they break up with their partner the cycle will continue, only it will probably be worse since her self esteem is so much lower than before.

You can nip this problem in the bud. Just slow down, take some time to make sure you are the woman of your dreams. Make sure you are the type of woman you truly want to be, strong, confident, capable. If you need some help to get to that point don’t hesitate to find a good therapist and enlist their help.

It might take time but it will be time well spent. If you truly want to have a lifetime of love and fulfillment you need to make sure you are the kind of woman who ‘demands’ it. Not by stomping your feet or becoming a shrew, but by being strong and capable and knowing that you deserve the very best. When you become that type of woman than you will attract the type of man that can truly make you happy.

Even though it might not be what some people want to hear, I hope that this relationship woman advice is taken to heart. I’ve seen the pattern above repeated with a dear friend of mine and she’s in yet another lousy relationship with an insecure guy who makes himself feel like a big man by knocking her down. She and you, can do much, much better.

Recognizing An Abusive Relationship

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By , July 27, 2015 12:36 pm

In spite of what many women may believe, abuse of any kind in a relationship isn’t acceptable. It’s NOT normal and doesn’t mean love. If you’re in a relationship where your partner goes off on tangents because you’ve set the dinner table incorrectly, he’s probably abusive. There are some things that you need to understand about what constitutes abuse and what doesn’t.
For one thing, you should let your feelings guide you in certain instances. If you’re afraid all the time and you walk on eggshells around your partner for fear of setting him off, you’re probably in an abusive relationship. No one should ever have to live that way and certainly not with someone that’s supposed to love them. On the other hand, if your feelings are telling you that you’re a horrible wife or girlfriend and you DESERVE the various punishments that come your way for imagined wrongs, then you DON’T need to listen to yourself. You need to seek some help for those feelings of worthlessness.
Abuse comes in many forms and it’s important to recognize them. Obviously, if your partner is hitting you, it’s abuse. However, sometimes it’s not quite cut and dried. Mental and verbal abuse can be just as serious. The scars may not be physically visible but they’re in places that can affect you throughout your entire life. For example, being told over and over again how worthless you are and how you can’t do anything right may not SEEM like a huge deal until you realize that you’re starting to believe this about yourself. Other men will do everything they can to convince their partners that if they leave, the worse things they ever feared would happen to them will, indeed, come to pass. Yes, these abusers don’t leave physical marks, but they ARE just as dangerous to the quality of your life as the ones that lash out with their fists or weapons.
Men that abuse the women they proclaim to love are, simply put, monsters. They’re weak, petty, insecure, cowardly little creatures that feel the only way they can keep a woman with them is through a show of force. If they can control every move these women make, then they’ll never be alone because the women are too terrified to leave. Now, isn’t that a wonderful way to conduct a relationship? These men truly believe that they can FORCE women into loving them. Well, fear and love aren’t the same.
There are a few ground rules that you should remember in order to keep yourself out of abusive relationships. First, NO ONE has the right to beat you into submission. You should never feel afraid of the one who is supposed love you, and if you are, it’s time to leave and figure out why. An abusive relationship is NOT better than being alone. If you’re alone, you’ve got a better chance of leading a quality life, whereas, with an abuser, you’ll never have that.
Just remember that abuse is NOT love and that it never will be. Abuse is about control, power, and cruelty. It’s also about danger. Be brave and get out if you’re in a relationship like this. There ARE people that will help and protect you while you build a new life.

The Trouble With Being Beautiful

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By , July 25, 2015 7:07 am

There are many beautiful women in the world that are stuck home and alone on the weekends simply because of their beauty. This might make no sense whatsoever to those ordinary and even physically unattractive women out there. However, women like this are more likely to have a date when they need and want it, or they’re in a relationship with the guy of their dreams. How is something like that even possible?
Believe it or not, it’s very possible. The age old problem of men that fear beauty in a woman never goes away. Even great looking guys can look at a stunning woman and figure that she’s just too gorgeous for him and would never agree to go out with him. So you can imagine how ordinary men feel about risking an approach to a beautiful woman. Therefore, it’s not unusual at all for a great looking woman to be sitting all alone in a bar. The men are too afraid of rejection to approach her. She, on the other hand, may be dying for one of them to just come over and talk to her. The lesson here is that beautiful women may also be beautiful on the inside, too.
Then, there are the divas. These are gorgeous women that know how hot they are and they really haven’t found anyone that they deem worthy of dating. They know that they can call any guy they want or walk up to any guy in any location and be able to reel them in. This is a problem of a different sort. These women may be lonely due to their incredible beauty, but it’s their own fault. They choose to be high and mighty bitches and there’s really no need to feel sorry for them.
Beauty isn’t always on the inside of a great looking woman. These women are a bit different than the divas. The divas kind of know what they’re doing and they’re not always horrible. They just feel a bit entitled because of their beauty. On the other hand, women that are beautiful on the outside many times harbor a soul that’s black as night. These women are alone because they’re simply horrible creatures and have no clue how to treat another human being. They’re manipulative and only pretend to be nice when they want something. These are women to be avoided at all costs.
Now, for guys that are on the lookout for a woman to get to know a little better, don’t immediately discount beautiful women. If that gorgeous woman sitting in the bar is giving you some encouraging glances and smiles, then you need to go for it! Lock away those nerves and sidle on over to her. You’ll know within a short few minutes whether or not she’s interested, and you don’t have to be humiliated in order to find out. Chances are good that she’ll be very receptive, especially if she was checking you out first. Give it a shot or you’ll wonder what might have been.

Internet Dating Safety

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By , July 23, 2015 2:27 am

There’s been a lot written and spoken on the subject of dating safety since the introduction of the Internet and all of the dating sites you can find now. Even though so much has been written, it doesn’t mean that it will ever be too much. There’s simply no way to saturate the world with enough information on dating safety. If even one person is saved from harm by the all of available information on how to stay safe when dating someone from the Internet, it’s all been worth it.
To begin with, the Internet is one of the most anonymous entities you’ll find anywhere. People online can be anyone and anything they wish, whether it’s actually the truth or not. They can fool others into believing that they’re respectable and even wealthy when they’re actually borderline criminals with no job. That’s not the worst of it, though. The Internet has made it much easier for predators to find their victims, and that’s why it’s vital to keep a safety plan in place.
NEVER agree to go out with someone that you’ve only JUST started talking to online. This is true whether it’s through a dating site or just a chat room. There are steps you need to take to ensure your safety. The first one of these is to spend some time getting to know this person you’re drawn to. Try to get him to talk to you on a webcam because that will show you a lot about him. It’s also a good idea to try to get as much information as you can about him without having to give him too much of yours. You can take that information and investigate him a bit.
Speaking of giving out information, don’t tell him truly personal things such as your phone number and address. You want to keep him from finding you until you’re sure that you trust him and you’re ready to meet. There’s no way to keep yourself fully safe if you’re giving him your full name, address and phone number right off the bat.
Once you’ve decided that he’s probably ok, set up your first meeting with him in a very public place and during the daylight hours. It’s also a great idea to take a friend along with you so that you’ve got an escape route if you need it. In addition, the guy you’re meeting sees that someone else knows who you’re with if you happen to disappear or turn up harmed. Also, go in your own car so that you’re not stuck depending on him for a ride home. If everything is going well, then you can send your friend on her way.
These are all just common sense rules that everyone needs to follow when engaging in online dating. It doesn’t matter how much you may be tempted to forego the rules, please don’t do it. Consider that dangerous people don’t always appear that way. There are many wolves wearing sheep’s clothing and you don’t want to be trapped by one of them.

Were You Cheated On By Your Dating Partner?

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By , July 20, 2015 9:35 pm

If so what happens now? Are you going to throw the dating relationship into the trash can? Are you going to become so jaded you will never trust any one you date again? Are you so disillusioned that you want to swear off of dating relationships completely?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time for you to take a step back and examine what is happening in your life. Even though you may have been part of the problem or more likely you weren’t part of the problem, you need to know the circumstances that led to the cheating in order for you to move on with your romantic relationships or pick up the torch again for the one who cheated.

1. Has your lover’s sexual advances taken a pretty sharp decline, both in the bedroom and out of the bedroom? Does he/she no longer hold your hand or put their arm around you when you’re together in private or in public? Have they locked their cell phone where you can no longer answer it? These are some of the most tell tale signs that your lover may well be involved in cheating on you. However before jumping into accusations you need to examine the evidence closely. Make sure there is not a logical reason for all of the above “cheating tell tale signs”.

One of the most common things that can cause the above behavior is a physical illness or perhaps way more common, is a change in mental health. We aren’t talking about becoming a sociopath, but about someone who has sank into a mild or deep depression.

If you have never been in a true depression it may be hard for you to believe that it can change someone from a full time lover to a cheating lover and worse yet; not a lover at all. His/her depression can drive your lover into the arms of someone else hoping they can find “happiness” within someone else s arms.

Unfortunately it is a fact of life and it can happen at any time.

2. Are you seeing sudden and very sharp mood swings, you have never seen before? Once again it can be part of depression or it can really be a guilty conscience because they are cheating.

Often times when the mood swings occur it is because they may feel your questions are getting to close to the truth. It also can be a way they are trying to blame you for the relationship cheating. If they are a good manipulator they have learned the ways to force you into believing its all your fault.

Mood swings can be the great deflector when your partner is feeling trapped.

If the mood swings continue, especially when the mood swing goes into “anger overload”, you need to be very, very observant. These type of mood swings can quickly move from “angry” to violence.

Don’t even hesitate to get out of the room or better still get completely away from where the incident is occurring. Call the police if they have assaulted you.

The above things are true signs of a “cheating dating relationship”. You need to learn them and how to deal with them.

Winning The Relationship War

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By , July 18, 2015 4:48 pm

If you’re in a relationship, you know how tricky things can sometimes be. One minute, you’re both fine as you can’t stop showing your affections to each other. Then the next minute, you can’t even stay in the same room as everything he does drives you nuts.

It’s normal to have fights, but when these happen often, it eventually takes its toll until you break up. As a woman, you grew up fantasizing about that one perfect man who fits you like a glove. Just remember that real life is far different from the fairy tales we all grew up with. Love can sometimes turn sour, and there will be things about him that you won’t like.

Be Romantic

Still, it’s time to unleash your inner romantic. You can still dream about that perfect love. It just takes some work and a lot of patience from your end. Love is very much like a game. Sometimes you move forward while other times you have to retreat. If you fight a lot, then know when to make a truce. Face each other when you’ve both calmed down.

Then, sit down and discuss your concerns. Establish rules if you must and you need to be honest at all times. Lay your cards down and see if you can really reach a compromise.

Remember, issues are better addressed when you show him that you can be patient and calm. Prove to him that you are willing to go the extra mile in order to be the happy couple you’ve always dreamed about.

Don’t expect your man to be a mind reader. You have to verbalize how you feel. Yes, it’s frustrating when someone can’t read between the lines, but then again, most men aren’t able to pick up on your subtle cues. You just have to be patient and tell him what bugs you or what you want him to do.

At the same time, ask him what you can do as well. Every relationship is a give and take. Hence, you just can’t sit there and expect your partner to do all the hard work. It’s time to put your feminine wiles into good use while making sure that you keep your man happy. Be honest with him and don’t doubt his every move. If there’s something about him that you doubt, give him some respect and don’t start investigating his life.

Time for Action

If you are thinking about doing something, don’t expect your man to plan the whole itinerary for you. Men like women who are decisive. You’re also allowed to make decisions some of the times. Stop wasting your precious time on stalemates.

Rather, get to know each other and remind him why you’re both in love in the first place. A real man will appreciate you and the efforts you made to make things work. If he doesn’t, then he’s not man enough for someone like you. In a way, Pat Benatar was right. Love really is a battlefield, but the price for winning the war is so amazing that most people are willing to weather through the storms just to get the end of it.

Advice On Relationships How To Keep A Woman Happy

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By , July 16, 2015 11:59 am

Do you know how to keep a woman happy? Here is some advice on relationships for men.

The first advice on relationships item I have for you is to always be yourself. Many men don’t feel that they are good enough to catch a beautiful, sexy woman, so they put on a show. But a confident man is the sexiest beast around. Have you ever noticed that some of the ugliest guys have some of the prettiest women? That is because they display a level of confidence that is more attractive to women than physical looks.

Next, you should do the little things. This means offering to take her car in for an oil change or giving her a bag of Jelly Bellies (her favorite flavors) from time to time. Sometimes men think in terms of “grand gestures,” when it is the little things add up to long relationships.

This ties into the next piece of advice on relationships: appreciate her. You shouldn’t take her for granted. Let her know that you value her.

Next up is not obviously looking at other women when you are with her. Women think that you are comparing her to the woman you’re looking at. They don’t understand the whole concept of “the day I stop looking is the day I die.” This comes from the biological drive for monogamy in women. Women are looking for a lifetime partner for a man with whom they can raise children. They can’t help it. That’s how evolution designed them. So minimize the ogling, especially when she’s around.

You should try to make her laugh. While men list good looks at the top of the things they need in a woman, women list a man’s sense of humor. So, if you want the relationship to last, keep her laughing.

The next bit of advice on relationships comes in seeking common interests. It’s great if you got together because of a hobby or an interest, but it still helps when you take an interest in a long standing passion of hers. If this means developing an appreciation for foreign films, so be it. This shows that you care about her and she’ll know you are one in a million.

Once you get the girl, it may seem like you don’t have to try anymore – at least as far as grooming goes. And, while women are less sensitive to looks than men are, they still like a man who makes an attempt. So, shave on weekends. Keep in touch with the latest fashion trends for men. In short, don’t get sloppy just because you’ve landed her. You can unland her just as easily.

She’s going to need to know that she can integrate you into her circle of family and friends. A man must be part of her larger life, especially after the first few weeks of passion are over. So, make an effort to get along with her girlfriends and impress her parents. A woman relies on her social network to validate her relationship choices. Make an effort.

You should always be considerate of her feelings. Women are less stable than guys. Part of this is hormonal. When you are sensitive to her mood, you won’t get on her bad side.

The final piece of advice on relationships is to be open to trying new things. At the beginning of a relationship, everything is new from the types of dates you arrange to the way you kiss. But, after a while, these things become routine. If you find that your relationship has fallen into a rut, shake things up. Try something new. It will go a long way to keeping your relationship healthy.

So, there are ten bits of advice on relationships to keep your dating life strong. Look you guys, these things are common sense and the fact is I almost drove my sweetheart out of my life because I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing. There is a book that woke me up written by T ‘Dub’ Jackson called “The Magic Of Making Up“. After I read it and began applying his common sense suggestions, our love life turned around. Not only that all of my personal relationships, with friends, co-workers and my family have become much smother than they were before.

You might want to check out “The Magic of Making Up” yourself.

Dating Techniques Or Just Be Yourself

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By , July 14, 2015 6:59 am

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you’ve heard all about the dating techniques that have been studied and developed for both men and women. The creators of these techniques swear that they work like nothing you’ve ever experienced. They say that if you really want to get the person of your dreams, all you have to do is follow these techniques and you’ll have him before you know it. While that may be true up to a point, there’s a bit of a problem with that situation.
When you use dating techniques to land someone, do you plan to go on using them to keep that person? You must admit that these techniques have been formulated for the express purpose of getting the interest of someone you’re attracted to. Most of these techniques don’t show the true personality of the person using them. They may be effective in landing that guy to date, but they’re fake. In other words, you’re doing things that exhibit nothing of the real you. When you win someone through the use of techniques, you run the risk of that person no longer being interested in you when he discovers that you’re not who he thought you were.
Something else to consider is that someone that would fall for these dating techniques may not be a person you want to get to know further, anyway. The reason for that is he may not have realized that these are, indeed, techniques and show him nothing of the person you really are. Wouldn’t you rather have someone in your life that’s smarter than that?
Now, when it comes to you simply being yourself when you’re on the prowl for a new dating companion or possibly a potential relationship, this person will get to know the person you really are. There will be no game playing and nothing that you’ll have to hide forever. Things start out on an even playing field and you can relax into the relationship rather than continuing to lie about what and who you really are.
Of course, if you happen to be someone with some bad habits or things that aren’t so desirable, you’ll probably want to think about making some changes. For instance, people expect other people, especially the ones they’ll be dating, to have decent hygiene. Therefore, if it’s your practice to rarely brush your teeth or neglect deodorant, those are things that will be noticed. So if you’re just brushing your teeth and putting on deodorant as part of some dating techniques, you’ll find that you need to keep doing it once you’ve landed this guy. If you don’t, he won’t be staying long enough for you to even introduce him to your family.
These are things to think about seriously when you’re heading out to the dating arena. Should you use the dating techniques or should you just be yourself? There’s also another choice. It’s possible to mix some dating techniques in with your real personality. That may actually be the best idea of them all!

Keeping The Romance In The Relationship

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By , July 12, 2015 1:56 am

With all of the hustle and bustle of the world today, even couples that truly love each other have some trouble finding time to keep the romance in their relationship. Career couples have to work even harder, it seems, to make time for each other. That’s why so many marriages and other romantic relationships tend to fail, even those that began so promising.
If you’re in one of these hugely busy relationships, you may worry from time to time that you and your partner don’t have enough quality time together. Even if that’s true, there are ways that you can inject some of that lost romance back into your relationship. Believe it or not, none of them are costly or difficult. They’re simple and cheap, with some not costing anything at all.
Leaving little love notes for your significant other is something that couples have practiced for centuries. This doesn’t mean that you dash off an email or send off a one of those sexy, naughty ecards. It means that you take the time to write something loving, sweet, or erotic to your love on some pretty paper. Then, you add a slight spritz of your perfume to the paper and leave it somewhere that he’ll find it. This can be in the medicine cabinet of the bathroom so he’ll see it when he gets ready for work in the morning. If he has to travel for business, slip it in his luggage somewhere that he’ll find it when he checks into the hotel.
If you and your partner work in close proximity to each other, you may want to plan to meet for lunch at least once a week, or whenever it’s possible. This is a great way to just enjoy each other’s company outside of the norm. It also gives you something to look forward to that’s a little different.
Something else that you can use to spice things up a little is by taking a shower together a couple of times a week. Nothing can help a couple re-connect as much as taking turns soaping each other’s bodies and washing them. Your bodies get all slippery and that tends to spark some feelings all by itself. This can also help those really busy couples work in some spontaneous sex so that they don’t have to go for weeks at a time because they’re just too busy or too tired.
If you’ve got kids, pack them off to the grandparents a couple of nights a month; more, if the grandparents are willing. Being busy as well as parents can be very challenging, but if you’re willing to let a babysitter take over periodically, you can still be just a couple sometimes. If you happen to feel guilty about not missing your kids for a few hours a week, move past that. Keep in mind that when you’re happy, then you’ll be a much better parent. That trapped feeling doesn’t do anyone any good. So let yourself also be a person. You’ll be happier for it.

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