Breaking Up Tests – Getting Back Together With An Ex

By , July 9, 2015 8:59 pm

If you have ever considered a break up or are in the process of breaking up, it may have come across your mind to wonder if you really should be doing this or not. Enter the breaking up tests! There are plenty of these tests online nowadays. Most of them are for advertisement purposes and want you to fill out a quick survey or install a fun app on your phone to participate, but all these tests have a few things in common – they figure whether you should break up or make up with your ex, give you an estimate of when you should break up, and why you should break up.

Some tests tell you whether you should break up or make up. For example, if you find through taking the breaking up tests that you don’t talk to each other as much as you should, then it will probably tell you to make up and improve your communication skills. After all, communication is a very important part of a healthy and successful relationship. You might also find through the test that you and your partner should be more loving towards one another. Sometimes lovers get jealous if one of them finds out someone else is trying to flirt or get involved. One of the things you can do is to reassure your partner that they can trust you and that you are loyal to them. Not only should you tell it, but you should show it as well.

Sometimes the tests will tell you when you should break up. If there are some circumstances as above, then it might tell you to wait a little bit before you initiate a break up. But if there are some more extenuating circumstances such as mental, emotional and physical abuse going on, then the breaking up tests will tell you to break it off immediately! The fact is that nobody deserves to be abused in any way, no matter what they have done. Typically, if the test finds out you have been abused in any way, it will likely tell you to cut it off. Just to be sure, take the test anyway. This can be beneficial because the test may be scoring on more vantage points such as commitment, communication, trust, values and other important factors of the relationship.

Some questions the tests might ask you are “How often do you talk to your partner?”, or “When was the last time you talked to your partner?”, or “Do your trust your partner?” or “Have you ever cheated on your partner?”. There are a wide range of questions that the breaking up tests can ask you. But at the end of the test, you should have a rough idea of whether getting back together with an ex is a viable idea or if you should continue with the break up. Try and take a couple of tests, then talk with a few people who you know and trust. At the end of the day, decide for yourself what you should do.

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