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Winning The Relationship War

By , July 18, 2015 4:48 pm

If you’re in a relationship, you know how tricky things can sometimes be. One minute, you’re both fine as you can’t stop showing your affections to each other. Then the next minute, you can’t even stay in the same room as everything he does drives you nuts.

It’s normal to have fights, but when these happen often, it eventually takes its toll until you break up. As a woman, you grew up fantasizing about that one perfect man who fits you like a glove. Just remember that real life is far different from the fairy tales we all grew up with. Love can sometimes turn sour, and there will be things about him that you won’t like.

Be Romantic

Still, it’s time to unleash your inner romantic. You can still dream about that perfect love. It just takes some work and a lot of patience from your end. Love is very much like a game. Sometimes you move forward while other times you have to retreat. If you fight a lot, then know when to make a truce. Face each other when you’ve both calmed down.

Then, sit down and discuss your concerns. Establish rules if you must and you need to be honest at all times. Lay your cards down and see if you can really reach a compromise.

Remember, issues are better addressed when you show him that you can be patient and calm. Prove to him that you are willing to go the extra mile in order to be the happy couple you’ve always dreamed about.

Don’t expect your man to be a mind reader. You have to verbalize how you feel. Yes, it’s frustrating when someone can’t read between the lines, but then again, most men aren’t able to pick up on your subtle cues. You just have to be patient and tell him what bugs you or what you want him to do.

At the same time, ask him what you can do as well. Every relationship is a give and take. Hence, you just can’t sit there and expect your partner to do all the hard work. It’s time to put your feminine wiles into good use while making sure that you keep your man happy. Be honest with him and don’t doubt his every move. If there’s something about him that you doubt, give him some respect and don’t start investigating his life.

Time for Action

If you are thinking about doing something, don’t expect your man to plan the whole itinerary for you. Men like women who are decisive. You’re also allowed to make decisions some of the times. Stop wasting your precious time on stalemates.

Rather, get to know each other and remind him why you’re both in love in the first place. A real man will appreciate you and the efforts you made to make things work. If he doesn’t, then he’s not man enough for someone like you. In a way, Pat Benatar was right. Love really is a battlefield, but the price for winning the war is so amazing that most people are willing to weather through the storms just to get the end of it.

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