Staying You In Relationships

By , August 11, 2015 11:46 pm

A pitfall that many women fall into when they start dating a new guy is that they get so caught up in the excitement and newness of everything that you can easily lose yourself in the relationship. That’s the last thing that you want to do. This is true for many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is that losing yourself takes away from your inner core.
You first start noticing that all of your time is taken up with this new guy. There’s never any time for you to do something that you enjoy. It doesn’t matter, though, because you like spending all of that time with him. You’ve crossed a line and now everything is “our” this and “we” that without ever having an “I” or “me” moment again.
To keep you from losing yourself within this relationship there are some things that will keep you intact while also allowing you to love your new relationship. The first one of these things is to keep your old and current friendships going. While they might understand that you want to devote lots of time to nurturing this new relationship, if you keep blowing them off, they’ll eventually write you off. That’s not something you want to happen.
Don’t stop taking part in traditions. If you’ve been having a Girl’s Night Out once a week, there’s no need to stop participating in that because you’ve got a new love interest. Remember that your friends are very important. They’ve been there before this new guy and will be there after him.
Keep up with your hobbies. It doesn’t matter whether the new guy likes them or not. Your hobbies are for you. He probably likes things that you don’t actually get into. That’s something that makes you an individual and keeps you being who you are.
When your new love interest wants to spend some time with his friends, kiss him and send him off for an evening fun. Don’t whine about him wanting some “me” time. Instead, use that time to have some “me” time of your own. It will do both of you a lot of good. Besides, how can you miss each other if you’re never apart?
Something that’s really important is for you to meet his friends. They’ll tell you everything you need to know about this guy that he won’t tell you himself. You’ll find out all of his dirty little secrets and bad habits. The more time you spend around them the hotter they’ll think you are, which will keep you remembering just how desirable you are.
One last thing is to resist the urge to friend him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter. You don’t really want all of those hourly updates. Sometimes it’s better to not know certain things about your love. It can take away some of the mystique that your relationship has in the beginning. Yes, you’ll eventually have to find out all about his bathroom habits, but why do it before you absolutely have to? That goes both ways!

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