Blind Dates And Honesty

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By , November 8, 2015 7:44 am

Everyone hates to hear those dreaded words, the blind date, coming out of someone’s mouth. How many times has a relative or friend come up to you and insist that they know someone who would be perfect for you in every way, but you have never met them before? This is one of those things that people try to talk their way out of every chance they can. No one wants to go out on a date with someone they haven’t even seen before and, while that might sound superficial to a lot of people, it’s a bit more common than you would think.
Think about it this way: you aren’t going to purchase a car that you have never seen, heard run, or test driven, are you? Of course not, as that would be suicidal as far as your financial aspects are concerned. You have no idea what condition that car is going to be in, and that goes the same way for the blind date that someone is trying to set you up with. You just have to be honest with them and yourself, and tell them that you don’t date anyone that you haven’t met before in public.
You need to make sure that the two of you are compatible in more than just one way. Sure, they may be really nice, but if you aren’t attracted to them, then there really isn’t a way that it’s going to work out. You might end up being great friends and all, but that isn’t going to help you with a relationship of a romantic nature. If you do get forced into a blind date and you aren’t attracted to them, then you need to tell them upfront so that there isn’t any confusion later on.
Yes, it’s probably going to hurt that person’s feelings to be told that you aren’t attracted to them in a physical manner, but it’s much better to hurt their feelings early on rather than leading them on and taking a chance to really upset them. Instances like that can have some pretty dangerous consequences if you aren’t careful, and that is why it’s always a good option to just avoid blind dates altogether or do your best to be as honest as you can at the very start of the date. Just make sure that you are tactful with the way you let them down.
There are those occasions when a blind date is the perfect way of finding the one person you are meant to be with. Those moments are rare, at best, but everyone has heard the tale of someone in their family meeting someone on a blind date that ended up in 50 plus years of happiness. It may not work out that way for you every time, but you could be the next rarity in the relationship world, and that would change your life forever. Whether you like them or not, blind dates can, sometimes, at least be worth a shot.

Talk It Out

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By , November 6, 2015 2:49 am

You know your relationship is in danger when you come home and find most of your stuff sitting out on the front porch. The problem with that is that you should have known a long time before that there were problems, but you refused to accept the fact that things were going downhill. Now, every guy out there has had to spend a night or two on the sofa because of something they did, but when you find your stuff sitting on the porch, it’s usually too late for flowers or a romantic dinner to set things right again.
The thing you need to realize is that you should have been doing the flowers and dinners before you found your stuff on the front porch. Most guys think that just because they have been married for ten years or longer that they don’t have to worry about all those spur of the moment things that you used to do when you were dating. The truth is that is exactly what you should be doing, and you should make sure that it is for no particular reason as well. Doing it only on special occasions is nice, but kind of predictable.
You are going to find that if you surprise your wife from time to time with something they would expect, it will lessen the likeliness of your stuff being thrown out on the front porch. That means you won’t have to worry about sleeping on your friend’s sofa until you figure out what you are going to be doing with your life. You will also find that it will keep her on her toes trying to figure out why you are being so nice for no reason. That’s something you can use to your advantage in the next argument you get into.
The main thing you should remember is that you should never take your wife for granted. You may not understand everything that sets her off, but she is the only one that actually wanted to marry you, and because of that, you got lucky. You may think that going back to your bachelor life would be fun, but things have changed since the time when you were single and you aren’t going to find things fun after a month or so. It is much better for you to keep your wife happy than it is to be single these days.
All jokes aside, you should do everything in your power to make sure that you and your wife can talk through your arguments rather than getting into fights. Keeping the lines of communication open is extremely important to make your relationship as strong as possible, and to do that you have to talk to each other. You can’t just keep things bottled up inside you and expect your partner to understand what is wrong with you. Give your wife the benefit of the doubt and explain things in a non-defensive manner so that the two of you can talk it all out and keep your stuff from being thrown out onto the porch.

Should You Break Up

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By , November 3, 2015 9:44 pm

For most people, there comes a point in a long and serious relationship where they may consider leaving their mate. When it comes to breaking or making a relationship, there really aren’t any right or wrong choices. So whatever you pick, accept now that it is an unavoidable part of life.
If you are considering putting an end to your relationship, think about the reason why. For instance, if they cheated on you, broke a promise, or if you feel you are in love with someone else, discuss it. You may want to discuss it with a very close and reasonable friend first, but if your mate is typically calm and rational, then try to even discuss it with them. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of the issue, then spend some time thinking about it by yourself and discover how it makes you feel.
If the reason is one that you can’t readily explain, then that is definitely a reason you will want to ponder a bit. Sometimes, when you aren’t really sure why you want to leave the one you’re with, it’s a lot easier to take a day to yourself and pretend to be single. Just see how it makes you feel to think of not being with them anymore. Pretend that they aren’t involved with you and that you are free and single. You should be able to learn from this method whether you would be happier to stay with them or not.
Pay close attention to the feelings you get when you are around them and with them. You should know that if you get uncomfortable from them holding or touching you, then it may be time to call it quits. The same thing could be said if you feel a great amount of happiness from the thought of being single.
It’s hard to tell sometimes if you’re truly in love with someone, or if the two of you are just a really good pair of friends. The love for friends is just as unconditional and easily mistakable for the love you may feel for a soul mate. It’s an honest mistake for many young lovers to make, which is why a lot of young people who think they fall in love these days can still remain friends. It’s because that is what they were all along.
This doesn’t happen all the time, however, as a good deal of relationships tend to end one-sided. One person feels a lot of love and attachment for the other, but the other feels friendship. Break-ups can be resolved maturely, but most of the time they end poorly. Lots of things can be spurred on by a break-up. You can lose a few cool friends and the love and attention of any friends that are on your ex’s side, but then, you can also open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Keep in mind that there is always someone out there that can make you happy.

How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend Without Breaking Her Heart

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By , November 1, 2015 4:42 pm

Many guys find that they still love their girlfriends but are no longer in love with them. They don’t want to hurt her, but they don’t want to be with her either. Does this describe you? Here’s how to break up with your girlfriend.

First of all, you should start by preparing her a couple of weeks ahead of time. Boost her ego by telling her that she’s lucky that she’s so pretty because lots of guys would fall for her. Also, pose relationship questions that will make her think about where you two are heading. Say, “can you see us together for the long haul.” If she says yes, gently say that you can’t. Introducing these types of questions and statements into the conversation ahead of time will mentally prepare her for the break up.

But at some point, you will have to cross the line and actually tell her that you don’t want to see her any longer. This is the hard part of how to break up with your girlfriend.

The most important part is choosing the location. Don’t do it when one of you is driving because that could lead to a dangerous situation.

Is your girlfriend likely to make a scene when you break up? Is she more likely or less likely to make a scene if other people are around? Take these factors into consideration when choosing the location.

For instance, if she’s likely to cry then ask her to meet you at a busy restaurant. She’s less likely to burst into tears in front of lots of people.

But, if she’s the type to throw a glass of wine at you, you probably don’t want to be embarrassed in front of a lot of people. Maybe you should do it in private.

Your house or hers, that is the question. If you do it at her house, you can leave immediately after the break up rather than spending lots of time analyzing what went wrong. However, she may associate things in the house with the break up and since she has to live there, it may make her sad to have broken up at home.

The next question in how to break up with your girlfriend is what to say. While they are tired lines “it’s not you, it’s me” is really somewhat comforting. If you are leaving her for another lady, let her know – don’t make her find out for someone else. If you want to remain friends, suggest a cooling off period where you don’t contact each other for a month so that when you do talk, the emotions have blown over.

Finally, you have to be committed to the break up ahead of time, or else you’ll look like a fool. If you are going to let her talk you back into dating, you might as well have not broken up.

You should know that unless the two of you have been drifting apart for some time, the likelihood is that you will break her heart when you break it off. You don’t want to hurt her. But, ultimately, a relationship has to be a two way street. If you are not in love with her any longer, you owe it to her to let her find someone who can fall in love with her.

And, that is how to break up with your girlfriend.

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